Saturday, 22 August 2015

Unusual Abstract & Modern Art Series: "Light & Reflection" by Lise Griffiths

I have recently been quite taken by the effect of reflections and light in various places such as stained glass windows, and sunlight on the sea. My recent series of acrylic artworks on canvas is entitled "Light and Reflection" and aims to capture the colours, radiation and and shine of certain soecific types of light. If we look carefully we can see so much darkness in the light, and so much lightness in the dark. 

As always my work is for sale so please contact me with any interest - through the blog or through Etsy: search 'dreamsuniqueart'

"Reflections in the Dark II" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Lagoon Reflections" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Glass and Light" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Sliver of Light" - Acrylic on Canvas

Monday, 10 August 2015

Unusual Abstract Artwork by Lise Griffiths - "Reflections in the Dark" - Acrylic on Canvas

This new piece was inspired by the reflections of a stained glass window in the dark interior of a historic building in Budapest. As always, my artwork is for sale, please contact me with enquiries.